Snelling helps companies boost productivity and reduce costs with onsite staffing.

You need 65 workers to cover an extra shift. Peak season is just around the corner and you want to double your line without additional unemployment or workers comp insurance. You’d like a trusted on-site manager who can seamlessly run every aspect of your seasonal workforce—from onboarding and safety training to payroll and cost monitoring.With Snelling’s on-site staffing, you can boost your productivity while lowering your total costs. We skillfully manage all the critical components of your seasonal workforce—including employee turnover, overtime, on-boarding, safety and skills training, time keeping and payroll.

As workforce hours approach 2,000 or more per week, the operational and financial solutions provided by our onsite staffing team become clear. All of our workforce management solutions focus on delivering measurable gains for your business.

The effectiveness of any workforce can be measured in terms of direct costs and time to fill. At Snelling, we are committed to measuring more. Not only can the “quality” of a workforce can be measured, but the quality of each individual worker can be assessed as well—specifically, the time and costs required for a worker to become fully productive.

Snelling can also help lower turnover through position-specific recruiting and an on-boarding process that provides consistent work performance—bolstering the quality of finished products.

Measurable time and costs are critical aspects of payroll management. Snelling’s integrated time-capture, time-approval and back-office systems greatly reduce the time and energy required to manage weekly payroll. Attendance management and worker productivity can also be measured at the granular level. Overtime costs can often be lowered (where appropriate), as well. At Snelling, we hire and schedule workers according to hours rather than headcount.

Quality measurements can be quantified and reviewed before implementing a Snelling onsite staffing program. This sets specific expectations regarding mutually agreed upon key performance indicators to be routinely reviewed and monitored throughout the engagement. Quality measurements also make the implementation phase of the program seamless.

To learn more about Snelling’s consultative and solutions-based onsite staffing solutions, please contact us.